Sum’Arts 2015

Preparing Salves & Tinctures from Local Plants

July 16 & 18, ThSat, 1-4

Spend day one getting comfortable with identifying and collecting medicinal plants of Kodiak. Please, no dogs allowed on this walk. On day two, campers will prepare a multi-purpose salve equivalent to Neosporin, as well as a tincture to support digestion.

Instructor: Gayla Pedersen

Ages: 10+

Fee: $75

Maximum: 6 campers (one parent can accompany their child, but that parent will need to register as one of the 6 campers)


Self-Portrait Collage

July 20-24, M-F, 10-11

Kids will have fun using photography, pastels, chalk and other materials to do a self-portrait. The sky is the limit. I will give them tools and skills to complete this fun “no rules” project.

Instructor: Elizabeth Ellis

Ages: 6+

Fee: $45

Maximum Campers: 15


Kodiak Arts and Culture Camp

July 20-24, M-F, 1-4 pm

Students will explore Kodiak’s history and culture through art, storytelling, show and tell, and fun hands-on history activities. Art projects range from plaster scrimshaw creations to printmaking.

Instructor: Jill Lipka / Baranov Museum

Ages: 6th – 8th grade (15/16 School Year)

Fee: $75

Maximum: 8 campers


Kodiak’s Edible & Medicinal Plants

July 21, 4-6

Get comfortable with identifying and using many indigenous Kodiak medicinal and edible plants. Class will involve identification and harvesting, Please, no dogs allowed on this walk.

Instructor: Gayla Pedersen

Ages: 8+

Fee: $25

Maximum: 8 campers (one parent can accompany their child, but that parent will need to register as one of the 8 campers)


Beach Art

July 27-31, M-F, 12-2

This camp includes a field trip to the beach for students to collect any items they may wish to include in their project. I will go over ideas such as wall hangings, collages, wind chimes, etc., and help each student come up with a plan. I will provide techniques and any additional materials needed for student to complete their desired project.

Instructor: Elizabeth Ellis

Ages: 6+ years

Fee: $45

Maximum Campers: 15


Alaska Mixed Media Arts

August 3-6, M-T, 1-3

Explore the diverse media used by Alaskan artists! Campers will recreate Alvin Amason’s painting style, Ray Troll’s colored pencil on black paper, and Doug Lindstrand’s pencil sketches among other artists. Students will create their own art portfolio. Wear an old shirt!

Instructor: Deborah Bitanga

Ages: 9 – 14

Fee: $50

Maximum Campers: 10